Founder's Story

Amon'Dre A. Muhammad

Amon'Dre is 24 years old, he co-founded Moviiies App. He fell in love with solving problems and making products for people after watching the movie Social Network. Which he has watched at least 25-30 times. 


Before Moviiies, Amon’Dre pursued a degree in business administration and economics at Youngstown State University. While also working at Stifel Nicolaus Financial Corporation as an Investment Analyst. 


In February, of 2016 he attended a startup class taught by James Cossler CEO of the Youngstown Business Incubator.


Mr. Cossler asked the attendees to think of an idea that will disrupt an industry. Those words stuck to him and after a couple days in his room a thought came to his head about how many filmmakers have trouble getting theatrical deals / traction. He realized millions of people are not able to watch movies that are in theaters on their phone and tablet.


After coming up with the idea, he wanted to choose a name which was unique and had a meaning. The three i's in moviiies represent the pineal gland which is located in the middle of our brain and is considered the third eye. It also represents three things mind, body and soul.  

At first, he booked an Airbnb for four days, hoping that would buy him time to find an affordable place to live in San Francisco. Unfortunately, he did not. Despite this bump in the road, he still went forward with his plans, determined to accomplish his original goal.  


He was still intent on seeing Moviiies come to life. For the next four months (May-September 2016) he would stay in a homeless shelter. During his stay in a homeless shelter, he refused to give up which led him to get an apartment. Throughout his moving journey, he did not let any setbacks get in his way. If anything, he used them as motivation. He worked harder on Moviiies and maintained his job at the YMCA. 

He now has a patent for moviiies and is looking forward to starting the next chapter in his life.